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If you live an active life full of whirlwind days, and sleepless nights due to the many priorities that fill your week, then it can sometimes be a struggle to find time to talk to people so that you can continue to build that thriving business you’ve always dreamed having.  If you’re like me, your days can fly by like a whirlwind and time can escape you to the point where you can’t even remember what day it is.  Believe me, I get it!  It’s so common for moms to feel this way, and because it’s so easy for you to become overburdened and overwhelmed with daily to-do lists, finding the time to locate people to talk to about your product, service, or opportunity can seem like nothing more than a dream.

If I could show you how to generate your own targeted leads literally within the cracks and crevices of your daily schedule that provided you with the opportunity to create that steady income stream you need while still allowing you to be fully engaged in your family life each and every day, would you want to learn more? If your answer is YES, be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this page because I’ve got a GREAT FREE GIFT that I’d like to share with you that will literally transform your business!

As you know, the ability to generate leads is the lifeblood of any business, rather it be a product, service, or opportunity-based endeavor.  Unless you’re able to maintain a steady flow of viable leads who are interested in hearing about what you have to offer, your business will never survive.  One aspect of all businesses that generally suffers most is in the ability to bring people through the doors so that the sales process can begin (and hopefully be successfully completed).

With that said…I have a question for you:  “How successful are you at generating leads for your business?”

Most business owners will say something like “I’m doing ok”.  But the question is…what constitutes ok?

In business, the major determining factor is whether sales are being made and EARNED INCOME.

Are you making money in your business or are you struggling along with mounting business debt and no idea or means to pay it off?

Your answer to these questions will tell you whether your lead generation efforts are sufficient to facilitate a healthy and growing business.

This leads (no pun intended 🙂 me to my FREE GIFT!

As a mother of two active girls, ages 12 and 10, a husband, and an aging parent to care for,  as well as multiple personal, church, and business priorities to juggle, I know how difficult it can be to build momentum in your home-based business so that you always have new people to talk to about what you have to offer.  For years, I struggled with how to find interested prospects as I was managing such a busy schedule.  My lead pool consisted of the occasional drip of interest (and activity), but this was simply not sufficient for me to be able to grow anything of significance.

I knew deep down that this wasn’t good enough because I was not getting the results I wanted as far as my income or my impact, but I didn’t know how things could change.  I mean, after all, my plate was FULL, and I only had so much energy to give to lead generation, especially lead generation activities that required a significant amount of my time in order to be successful.  It wasn’t until I learned how to be flexible in my thinking about how to approach lead generation that I began to see major improvement in my ability to fill my lead pool to overflowing with quality prospects and finally start to generate the income necessary for me to be finally scale my business to a level that provided me with the time freedom I desperately wanted.

I was committed to growing a thriving business that would impact many women’s lives, so I knew that I had to find a way to get my message in front of more people if I didn’t want my dream to die.  What I did was work to come up with a systematic way that I could leverage my existing daily routine (tasks I needed to do anyway) to help me to generate fresh new leads without any additional investment of time than I would normal give during any particular day.  This was a HUGE light bulb moment for me because I always saw my business and my personal life as separate…but in reality, what I do in my personal life has a direct correlation to, and major impact upon the success of my business…and the same is most likely the same for you.

I realized that with everything I was required to do on a daily basis in order to serve my own interests or to serve my family, I could EASILY make the time to generate one lead per day to introduce to my product, service, or opportunity.  The truth is that the same is ABSOLUTELY TRUE for you!  In order to show you exactly how it can be done, I’ve created “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Generating Unlimited Leads”, a resource that will explain to you how to generate a minimum of 1 lead each and every day of your life (and that’s being very conservative) so that you’re always engaged in business-building activity. The philosophy is that if you’re talking to at least one person per day about what you have to offer, you will always be conducting business-building activity, and your business will always move forward in the direction of your goals.

This FREE Lead Generation Guidebook will show you very simple tactics and skills that you can use to succeed at on-the-ground business marketing.  It will show you how you can leverage new or existing relationships to grow your home-based business with a very small investment of your personal time…this will allow you to finally start enjoying your life, family, and your profitable business!

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