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I am so excited that you’ve entrusted me with your valuable time by being here…and for that I want to both thank you and congratulate you for investing in yourself and your business!

This website is for you if you’re a busy mom working to build a successful business in spite of the busyness that surrounds you.

My main purpose and goal is to provide you with timely encouragement and inspiration, in addition to being a valuable resource and mentor for you as you walk that tightrope that includes serving your family well AND building your dream business all while honoring God in the process.

On this website, I endeavor to provide you with…

  • Time-saving tips and strategies to help you as you work your business around your daily life
  • Helpful tips, tactics, and resources to help you live a healthy, vibrant, and inspired life
  • Essential tips and strategies for a positive mindset leading to positive lifestyle change
  • And much more!

My passion is to bring you truthful, real life help and education in a down-to earth, girlfriend kind of way.  I do firmly believe that education is the beginning of change.  If we don’t know the truth about something, how can we change it?

In my quest to serve you as you strive to live the life God intended, and to provide you with valuable and relevant tips, tricks, and strategies that you can implement in your life and business immediately and get the results you desire.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls, and an amazing husband, who also happens to be my very best friend.  I simply love being with my family and we have so much fun together.  I put Jesus at the center of my life, and everything I do revolves around Him. This allows me be fully present in the lives of my husband, children, family, and friends.  I believe that all of our lives have purpose, and I am so grateful to have found mine.  It is important to me that you know that a big part of my purpose in this life involves serving you as you work diligently to create the lifestyle and business that you desire.

My business journey is one that involves many years of trial, error, discouragement and doubt.  It is likely a path that you may be familiar with, as everyone who makes the decision to become an entrepreneur experiences growing pains as a regular progression of personal and business growth.

When my journey began with my first business venture 10 years ago, I was of the mindset that business success would come MUCH easier than it actually did.  Not that I hadn’t given my best to make it succeed, but the reality at that time was that there was SO little that I knew, and SO much that I actually needed to learn about how to build a successful business with staying power.  Needless to say, I made many mistakes and wasted a lot of time.  The truth is that there was some major personal development that had to take place in order for me to be in the position I am in today of being able to start, manage, and scale a business that has staying power…but it was my commitment to learning and growing myself was what eventually turned me into the leader and mentor that I am today.  That is my hope for you…that if you currently own a business, or are considering starting one, you are ready and willing to dedicate yourself to continuous learning.  This is the only path to success!

I am now able to run my business from my home, and throughout the years, have developed a system that allows me to serve my family with excellence while also growing a company that serves women in their businesses both near and far. The fact that I can partner with, and mentor moms of all types right from the comfort of my home is truly a blessing. This is my greatest wish for you.  It’s important that you know that IT IS POSSIBLE to have the business of your dreams…you simply need the guidance, encouragement, and support that will enable you to thrive and reach your God-given potential.  That is what I want to provide for you, but it will take a commitment on your part to work not only on your craft, but more importantly, to work on becoming a better version of yourself.  This is where leaders are born, and how you’ll thrive and accomplish all of the things you’ve dreamed about.

I want to personally invite you to reach out to me so that we can talk about your goals and aspirations for your business and your life.  As someone who has “been there and done that”, I know that there are challenges, roadblocks, doubts, and fears that are common with moms who live busy lives yet who have great dreams of business success. Those who experience true success in business are the ones who forge ahead in spite of them.  If you’re ready to take your personal journey to the top, then I am here for you!


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