How to Prospect With Confidence

How to Prospect With Confidence

Have you ever wondered how you can prospect for new teammates without appearing desperate?  Many home-based business owners in the Network Marketing profession struggle with this very thing, and because they don’t quite know how to prospect with confidence, they end up losing out on many opportunities to grow their teams the way they’d like.  Part of the issue is that many of those in Network Marketing have not really received training in how to prospect properly, and because of this, they fail miserably at generating interest in their business opportunity.  If you’d like to prospect with confidence, and avoid the pitfalls that most Network Marketing professionals experience, then heed the following suggestions:

  1.  When you meet a potential team member, it’s always best to say less during that initial encounter so that you avoid the “firehose” situation whereby the prospect feels like you have just overwhelmed them with information…enough so that they are looking forward to never seeing you ever again.
  2. During that initial encounter, your goal should be to give them just a little information about what you do, get their contact information, and quickly end the conversation so that you can minimize questions and keep a little suspense so that they’re looking forward to your next communication with them.
  3. Follow-up with your prospect by sending them to an automated resource that does not require you having to talk more about what your have to offer them…simply send them to a resource and let that resource do all of the talking.  This will help you tremendously by ensuring that your message stays concise, is presented well, and is consistent from prospect to prospect.
  4. Once your prospect has seen your automated resource, you then want to follow back up with them to determine whether there is interest or not.  Again, the goal is to keep your conversations short.  Ask them questions to discern what their impressions are, and see if they have any questions that you may be able to answer.
  5. After answering their questions, then you want to go for the close, but this is nowhere close to the “hard close” many are accustomed to.  Your close will be simply to determine if they’re ready to join your team or not.  If their answer is yes, then you’ll enroll them right there on the spot.  If they’re interested, but not not yet ready to commit, then you’ll close them to the next resource that will help them to get closer to a yes decision.  If they’re answer is no, then you’ll ask if they know anyone who may be interested in making some additional income who they can refer you to. Whatever their answer is, that will determine what happens next.
  6. NEVER resort to lies, trickery, or pressure tactics when working with prospects…this never ends well.  NEVER beg, try to convince a prospect, or talk negatively about anyone else or any other company in order to make your opportunity look better to your prospect.  This is the wrong way to start a business relationship, and it’s likely your prospect may have formed a negative association in their mind of you and how you do business.
  7. ALWAYS give your prospect the time and resources they need in order to make the best decision for them and their family.  If they join your team, you want them to be 100% comfortable about it and excited about doing business with you.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.  If there is any way I can help you with your prospecting efforts, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!  As always, I’m here for you.


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