What To Do When Your Prospect Says No

What To Do When Your Prospect Says No

Would you like to learn how to handle situations where your prospect declines your product, service, or opportunity offer?  Many home-based business owners tend to take such responses negatively, and most often allow this to affect their ability to move on with enthusiasm to the next opportunity before them.  Over my years in business there is one thing I have learned, and it is that as entrepreneurs we will run into FAR MORE NO DECISIONS THAN YES DECISIONS.  This has allowed me to relax during meetings when I’m presenting my products, services, or opportunities to my prospects.  In my early days, I would always go for YES decisions, and would take it very personally when I received a NO.  Today, I go for the NO decision, so that I can move on and increases me chances for eventually obtaining the YES.  What changed for me is that I learned that the direct sales industry is a “numbers game” in that the more NO’s you receive, the faster you can get to the Yes.

When I did the numbers, I found that for every 10 people I prospected, I could expect to interest 7 people in my product, service, or opportunity, and out of those 10 people, only about 4 desired to go to the next level in my sales cycle to learn about options for themselves and their families and eventually make a purchase.  Lastly, and very importantly, I learned that of those 10 people, I could only expect 1 of them to say YES to my business opportunity.  This knowledge actually freed me to focus my time on increasing my prospecting numbers so that I could talk to more people and produce better results for my business.  So, the goal for me was to “work the numbers”, not the prospects!  This meant that I was not married to the results of each and every prospecting meeting, and I could rest assured knowing that if I worked my system, I could expect the particular and predictable result of adding 4 new product users and 1 new business owner to my team.

It was so liberating to know that NO’s were a normal part of the home-based business industry, and that if I could get comfortable with hearing NO, then I would eventually hear a YES, and this would happen as long as I met my prospecting goals, I would build something special.

How do you feel when you receive NO’s while prospecting for  your product, service, or opportunity?  Do they prevent you from being able to move forward in your business?  Do you feel like you failed in your goal to close all of your prospects into NO decisions. Well, be encouraged that when you go for NO, you will eventually get to the YES.  This is inevitable.  A book that changed my mindset with regard to prospecting and helped me immensely with my results is entitled “Go For No…Yes is the Destination”, by Andrea Walz and Richard Fenton.  I recommend you read it more than once.  You will thank me later!  Then, go and do what you do, and don’t fear the NO decision because it’s designed to get you to the YES.  Give it a try and see how it works for you.  As always, I’d love to hear about it.

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