The Key to Boosting Your Prospecting Results

Are you a busy mom looking to craft the perfect marketing message so you can increase your prospecting results in less time than it’s currently taking you?  If you’d like to sell more products or add more people to your team with far less time than you’re used to, then this post has the potential to change everything for you.

In the marketing world, it’s well known that it is important to craft a targeted message to your ideal prospect if you hope to get a positive response in the form of product sales or new team members for your organization.  We’ve been taught how essential it is to focus our marketing message on the prospect and their needs and desires so that we can achieve the outcome we desire.  We’ve also been taught to stay away from “I” statements, and to talk about the benefits of our products or opportunity so that our prospects can see themselves succeeding with the solution we’re offering them.  There is, however, one key ingredient that often gets overlooked, and this is what I’d like to provide for you so that you can start experiencing better results when you talk with your leads and prospects about what it is you have to offer.

That missing ingredient is including “Feelings” in your marketing message to your leads and prospects.

When you talk to a prospect, write email or website copy, create letters or other marketing materials, your main goal is to speak directly to your prospect’s pain.  In doing so, they will perk up and pay attention to what it is that you have to say.  Why? It’s because you’re addressing their concerns, fears, and deepest desires, and providing them with a way out of their current situation and a solution to the problems that haunt them each and every day.  I’ll provide you with an example of exactly what I’m talking about so that you can completely understand what I mean when I say to include feelings in your marketing messages to your prospects.

Let’s say you’re speaking to someone who works in corporate America who routinely puts in 60+ hours a week and who is struggling to find time to spend with her family. The best way to interest this person in a home-based business opportunity is to speak directly to what may help her situation.  In crafting the ideal message to this person, you might say something like this:

 “[Prospect Name], I have a business that helps busy moms like you to make a great income from home so that they don’t have to feel guilty for not being around when their kids need them the most.”   

As you read this marketing message, you can see where it speaks to how the prospect may likely feel for not being able to be at home as she has always dreamed.  It is quite possible that she is struggling with having the time to be with her family and the energy she needs to give 100% of herself to her family when she does have time to be with them.  When you show her that you understand her pain and struggles, you’re now speaking her language, and connecting with her on a much deeper level than ever before.  This is what improves your response rate, increases your sales, and grows your team.

I encourage you to consider how you can craft messages that speak directly to who it is that you want to reach.  It may require you to ask a few questions when talking with your prospect, or doing some research on your prospect as you consider what to say or write, but believe me…it will be well worth your time and your results will more than pay you for your efforts.  Why not give it a try!  When you do, let me know how it goes, and if you ever need my help as you work to reach your ideal prospect, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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I am passionate about healthy living and called to serve fellow moms who want to start and grow successful businesses that glorify God. I love connecting with people and making new friends, so feel free to reach out to me for any reason...I'd love to meet you!

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