How to Manage Your Image

How to Manage Your Image

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how you’re doing as far as managing your image so that others always have the BEST impression of you when they think of you?  This is an important question to ask, and the reason ties into what we’ve always been taught about first impressions.  Remember the saying “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”?  Well, it’s so very true that people you meet each and every day are making judgments about you based upon how you presented yourself to them, whether through social media, online contexts, or the personal interactions you have with them while you’re out and about.

This means that if you’re hoping to not only make a good first impression, but also a good LASTING impression, then it would be a good idea for you to take personal inventory today to learn if there may be things holding you back from being able to attract the right prospects and get them excited about doing business with you.

So, what types of questions do you want to ask yourself to get this process rolling?  I have included some below for you.  Please be honest with yourself, and ask at least one other person that you trust for their honest feedback as you share the questions with them.  This will only benefit you, so if there happens to be any “red flags” know that it’s not so much about where you are now, but more about where you’re going.  If you’re willing to make change, then the exercise would be more than worth your time and perhaps the bit of pain you experienced as you worked your way through to completion of the exercise.  Personal growth is the key…and change is the name of the game, for sure!

Without further ado…Here are the questions to ask as you work toward improving your image and growing your business:


  • When I first meet someone, do I greet them with a smile?
  • How is my handshake?  A firm handshake is best.
  • Do I generally project well when I speak and do I articulate well when talking to people?
  • Do I show genuine interest in others and what’s going on in their life/business?
  • Do I ask questions to engage others in conversation?
  • Do I tend to dominate the conversation by talking too much?
  • Do I tend to speak in negative terms or is my communication generally positive?


  • When I leave the house, am I groomed and dressed professionally so that I’m prepared to talk to a prospect about my products, services, or opportunity should the moment arise?  
  • Am I, in any way, dressed immodestly so as to possibly present a distraction while out in public?
  • Is my car washed and presentable so as to not present a barrier to me being able to present myself well while out in public? 


  • Do I have business materials necessary to do a presentation and/or close a sale should the moment arise?
  • Do I have business cards ready to distribute while I’m out and about?
  • Is my elevator speech ready to go? (Clear and concise)
  • Do I have my business calendar with me when I leave the house should an opportunity for an appointment present itself?

Social Media/Public Relations

  • Do my Social Media pages display positive, motivational, or inspirational material?
  • Are my social media pages consistent with who I am?
  • Am I generally negative, cynical, or critical when I post to my social media accounts?
  • Will someone want to do business with me based upon how I’ve presented myself on my social media pages?
  • Am I regularly inspiring someone to be their best version of themselves?

Ok, I guess I’ll stop there for now.  These questions will definitely help you to start your evaluation process.  If you find that some work is in order in order to improve your image, and you want a little help, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be glad to help you out 🙂


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