5 Ways to Feel Better About Your Life & Business

5 Ways to Feel Better About Your Life & Business

Do you want to start feeling better about your life and your business and begin walking in the freedom that Christ has secured for you?  Trust me, I totally understand that feeling…and I want to help.  Below, I will provide 5 simple ways you can help yourself to begin feeling better about YOU, and letting go of the insecurities, anxieties and fears that threaten to control you and keep you from becoming your very best.  Implement these strategies, and see your life and business flourish as you walk in the power and victory that is rightfully yours, and take control of the negative thoughts, emotions, and habits that threaten to sabotage you.

Strategy #1:  Beware of “Comparison-itis”

This one is very important to our overall success in ridding ourselves of societal pressure and minimizing the amount of pressure we can put on ourselves to be and look a certain way.  If we’re all different and unique anyway, then why do we insist on comparing ourselves to one another?  The next time you find yourself in a situation where you’re comparing appearance, weight, business successes, or something else, take a moment and ask yourself “Why?”  The answer to your question will give you a “heads up” that you are probably heading down the wrong path.  Also, consider the history with this very destructive tactic…what does it usually produce?  Anxiety?  Fear?  Depression?  And the list goes on.  If that’s where you end up, then it definitely makes sense to get rid of it, plain and simple.

Strategy #2:  Focus on Your Positive Attributes

Though we can sometimes make ourselves believe that there are no good qualities that we possess, we all know that when we take a little time and think about it, we will find much to celebrate.  One great bit of advice I heard lately and was encouraged by went something like this:  “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and don’t mess with Mr. In Between”.  This can be a great reminder for us all to begin training our minds to focus on only those things that will encourage us not cause us despair.  After all, what good will despair and discouragement do us anyway?  How will they enhance our lives one bit?


Strategy #3:  Dress Your Body for Who You Are Today

That means, no more longing for the days of old, when you were three sizes smaller and could fit into those “Designer Jeans” (whatever happened to the Jordache brand anyway?).  And, no more buying clothes that are a size smaller as “motivation” for you to finally begin that weight loss plan you’ve been wanting to start.  We need to focus on dressing ourselves for who we are right now and do the best that we can to improve ourselves with the right weight loss, nutrition, and motivational strategies…not those which only help to plunge us into deeper despair and even hopelessness.  By accepting who we are today, we will begin to lose the mentality that who we are is not enough…of course it’s enough!  Otherwise, what reason would we have to live?  We can really beat ourselves up when it comes to our appearance and weight loss, but is that really helpful?  Will it really produce any positive results in our lives?  I think you know the answer to that question.

Strategy #4:  Seek Personal Success One Small Step At A Time

One great way to improve how you feel about yourself is to focus on improving one lifelong destructive habit of your choice.  For many of you it might mean a focus on improving your diet.  The key is that it usually means that we will spend time implementing small nutritional changes over a long period of time.  By using this strategy, you will begin to experience success at eating well and exercising self-control, which in turn, helps accelerate your weight loss efforts and gives you a greater sense of empowerment.  You will begin to take control of your life, and feel good about yourself again.  You start to understand that it’s about you becoming your best…FOR YOU…not someone else!  Imagine starting to see some of those self-destructive eating habits begin to die a slow death as you begin to see those unwanted pounds begin to melt away.  That can be extremely encouraging, and can skyrocket your confidence and self-efficacy.  You now become the master over your food, and it no longer controls you anymore.

Strategy #5:  Be As Unique As You Were Created to Be

Uniqueness can be lost in our day and age, especially when it comes to our Businesses.  Everyone wants to know what “so-and-so” is doing.  The problem is that what works for someone else may not work for you at all.  This can contribute to the failure mindset that we adopt.  When we do something that someone else has succeeded with, and do not see the same results they do, we can tend to take it personally and beat ourselves up – condemning ourselves as failures.  Perhaps, if we had taken our own path to our desired goal, success would have been ours.  Maybe, if we had just taken the time to find out what worked for us, we would feel better about, and learn to celebrate, whatever business results we’re obtaining.  It’s very important that we do what works best for us…nothing else will work as well as a custom-made plan geared toward us and only us.  That’s what being unique is all about.

By applying what you learned in this article, you will begin to experience a wonderful “freeing” effect as you improve your body image and your business outlook and results.  This will help you to start realizing that it’s about you being your absolute best…not about what others think about or expect of you.  You will also be able to utilize unique and effective strategies and feel a great sense of empowerment to take back your life so that you won’t be controlled by what you’re reading, seeing, or hearing all around you.

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