Making The Sale With Ease

Making The Sale With Ease

When you reach out to a prospect in order to “close” them on your product, service, or opportunity, do things get a little weird?  Now, what do I mean by “weird”…let me elaborate.  When you’ve lead an interested prospect through your sales funnel, and have effectively introduced them to your offerings, did you suddenly put on your used salesman hat and talk way too much in an attempt to close the prospect?  You can get a sense for whether you’ve changed character throughout the sales process if all of a sudden, you started to feel yourself talking them into why they needed to take the next step, and then ran off a list of reasons for why they needed to ACT NOW!

Many people in the sales industry have never been effectively trained in the art of making the sale.  They don’t understand the concept that people do like to buy, but don’t like to be sold to.  Thus, it is very important that you understand that your sales process is meant to connect the prospect with their dreams and desires when you present your product, service, or opportunity to them.  This process is NEVER meant to be stressful, or a win/lose proposition.  In fact, if your prospect is not willing to freely and enthusiastically open their wallet or purse to “buy in” to what you’re selling, then you may need to re-evaluate your approach to your interactions with that individual and that particular transaction.

As an example of how to take a prospect through the sales process and have them excitedly interested in doing business with you, I will share from a recent personal experience.  About one year ago, my husband and I began a search for a new home. Throughout the process of our search, we came across a wonderful neighborhood in a neighboring county.  Immediately, we were struck with how beautiful the homes were, their size, character, and how well they were maintained.  We also noticed that the community was a swim/tennis community.  Since we have children, that was a major plus for us.  The location was ideal for my husband’s daily commute to and from work, and appeared quiet and serene.

We then took the tour of some model homes and were impressed with the layouts and amenities that each home offered. The icing on the cake was that we were able to identify a particular lot backing to the woods whereby we could have a home built from the ground up.

When our visit with the agent on duty was concluded, there was very little that this individual had to say that would have persuaded us even more than we already were. We had already connected to our dreams, desires, and passions without this individual having to say a word.  We were READY to sign on the dotted line!

In fact, it’s possible that the more that was said by the agent in that moment, the more likely it would have been that we might have been talked out of what we had decided we wanted to do.   This is my caution for you.  As someone who is introducing a prospect to your product, service, or opportunity, you must let the presentation speak for you…not that you don’t need to say anything, but your job is to “connect” the dots for your prospect and allow them to come to the conclusion on their own that what you have is worth their investment.

For this to happen, it may mean that you will have to do some additional work to firm up your offering so that it “speaks” more persuasively to your prospect and helps them to see the true value that is being displayed.  That’s where your hard work may be best spent.  When you do this, your efforts to close the sale will be much, much, easier, and you’ll start closing more people than you ever thought possible. If you’d like to learn more about how to make your offer more attractive to your prospects, simply reach out to me and I’d be glad to walk you through it.  Remember, I’m here for you!


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